Domestic Investigations

29804657 - people lying together but separately because of marital problemsDomestic investigations are a term used to describe inquiries that deal with personal issues at home. Domestic Investigations pertain to the safety and security of you and your family.

Domestic Investigations involve cheating spouses as well as surveillance of parties involved in divorce and alimony1.

It is critical that all assets, activities and incomes are verified in order to assist in fair and equitable distribution of property, assets and monetary support.

MCM Investigations has access to many resources and tools that can bring all information to light and aid in court proceedings.

MCM Investigations works on many Domestic Investigation matters including but not limited to:

* Premarital

* Infidelity

* Child Custody

* Location of Missing Family Members

* Divorce

* Probate Disputes

* Asset Theft and many more….

Our firm is comprised of expert investigators that have many years of proven combined investigative experience. We handle all investigations in a timely and professional manner.

Our thorough and targeted investigations provide a complete range of investigative services to help you make an informed decision. Our investigations are creative, flexible and dynamic.

Our efforts consistently surpass industry standards and afford insurers the opportunity to resolve claims in a favorable manner.

We are experienced in private investigators that utilize many techniques such as following and tracking the target of the investigation, surveillance using high definition cameras and installing video devices.

Aside from photographic documentation this agency also provides a professional written report from the beginning to throughout the entire investigative period, producing a final report. We have both female and male investigators to handle any circumstance or any situation.

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